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Natasza Zurek Art

Visionary Expressions of X

Natasza Zurek

Artist Statement

From the swirling arms of the Milky Way to the spiralling information flow of our DNA and every living thing in between, I paint to express the gratitude and awe I feel when I recognize that everything in this universe is my teacher. Life’s magic can be found in the sacred and it can found in the mundane experiences of our day to day relationships, and I find joy in focusing this vibrancy through the tip of my paint brush with nuance and detail. Using the visual language of shadow and light I create dimensions of possibility where colourful dreams and visions can be remembered in a world all too often caught up in hasty pursuits.

My paintings are an invitation to enter the present moment and become witness to our celebratory emergence, finding strength in our own sovereignty, and gifting each other the space to express our own creative gifts within our shared reality. It is my Soul purpose to communicate beauty, goodness and truth by reflecting the complexity and simplicity, tranquility and chaos found in this eternal dance of change.

Natasza Zurek is mother to two children, full time artist and avid trail runner living in BC, Canada. In her past life she enjoyed traveling and competing all over the globe as a professional snowboarder, and for 20 years she helped shape and define the progression of women’s snowboarding.

Now, in her new iteration she continues her exploration and pushes the boundaries with her paint brush.