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Natasza Zurek Art

Visionary Expressions of X

A colourful digital painting of a female and male shaman releasing a hummingbird directly towards the viewer. The bird's wings radiate outwards into energy lines.
Art Medicine
A family portrait representing each of the four family members as their individual spirit animal, composed over the medicine wheel’s four directions.
Family Portrait
A woman in the darkness holding a spark of light in the palms of her hands.
A face encircled by mushrooms with mental cogs in its mind exploding into geometric patterns.
A collaboration with the artist and her 6 year old daughter featuring her daughter's art arranged in a symmetrical, circular pattern with a portrait of her daughter in the center.
The Art of Play
Nighttime snowy forest scene with hibernating spirit bear
Sleeping Beauty
You are creating yourself with light from within
Eternal Light
Painting of a fluffy cat in space with a third eye
Cosmic Kitty
Painting of a man and a woman on a dance floor with large speakers for columns holding up the roof
Painting of stylized babies sleeping
We Are Made of Stardust
Painting of the artist with rainbow effect
Painting of a beautiful woman smiling with transparent flowers blooming out of her face
Joy Therapy
Painting of the artist and her dualistic light and dark nature
Painting of a stylized bird flying over a moonlit lake
A Prayer for the Eagles II
Painting of three various deities representing various religions
Sacris Sacramentum
Painting of a mirror image of a forest
Dualistic Nature
Painting of a stylized elephant and bird in the desert
Painting of two young girls singing with geometric mandalas in their back ground
The World is Made of Language
Painting of a female yogini in child's pose
Painting of the artist and her dualistic light and dark nature
Painting of the artist breathing through the home birth of her second child
Birth Story
Painting of artist's son peeking out from under a red bowl
Peek Experience
Painting of a Mallard
Painting of a Fox
Painting of a Duck
Painting of a Spirit Bear
Spirit Bear
Painting of a Snail
Painting of a River
Painting of a Raccoon